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Why is your daughter's boyfriend living with you? Is this common in the United States? Does he intend to marry her? How do you feel about the virginity of your daughter? Please help me to understand this.

Actually he is back home. Does he intend to marry her? They are young yet so I don’t think they know. What do I think of my daughter’s virginity? She is nearly twenty one, an adult. Her virginity is none of my concern. The idea that a young woman’s “chastity” is a father’s concern has nothing to do with morality. It has to do with property rights. In patriarchal societies a father has the right to bargain with his daughter’s reproductive capacity. This is an archaic and quite thankfully, dying tradition. A woman is not made impure by sex. A man’s penis has no such magical powers. My concern is over her safety, happiness and well being. So, in this sense I do concern myself with her love life to the extent I am able to protect her from harm. Harm my daughter and you deal with me and this is not something very many young men are willing to attempt.

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Are you anti-catholic? I've seen you make posts which are critical of priests.

I am not. My criticism of priesthood is directed to all forms of priestly hierarchies not just those in the Catholic church. I do not approve of the idea that we must have a class of priests to intercede for us with God. This includes all such organizations. In my view most priesthoods are in the business of staying in business and often this translates into abuses of power. I include certain Buddhist clergy in this as well. I wish to note that I separated from my own tradition over just this sort of thing.

One of my criticisms of Christian priestly traditions is the fact that Jesus himself was an outspoken critic of the priestly classes. In fact this is a big part of why he was murdered. The Catholic priesthood is just the pagan Roman priesthood given a Christian gloss after Constantine. In fact the bishopric of Rome was assumed by the same ancient Roman families who had run the Roman state religion for centuries. Instead of Jupiter they substituted Jesus barely missing a tick. Prior to this, in the time of St. Paul there was no priesthood. Bishops were elected and confession was heard in congregation. 

Quite frankly if Jesus were to come back today his first order of business would be to ask the Catholic priesthood why they were sitting on so much wealth when so many people were hungry. Something I note that the new Pope is doing much to his credit.

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Why is the world so cruel?

I remember my first kill. I looked at it with remorse. But as I mourned, a hawk snatched a mouse from the ground. Nature is brutal.

— Tilda Swinton 

The cruelty of the world depends on one’s viewpoint. Nature is at once cruel, indifferent and kind. It is cruel to the individual organism. Every sparrow falls regardless of whether God takes note or not. It is a true fact that it is the fate of nearly every organism to be eaten alive by another creature.  In nature to be weak is to die.  This is the engine of evolution.  

Nature is indifferent to the species.  Nature does not show any kindness nor any particular enmity to a particular species.  It is the the nature of life to bend and conform to the changes in the outer world.  Life takes on the shape of its container like roots in a small planter.  One species rises and another falls.  It is all the same.

Nature is kind to life as a process.  The earth itself is a living organism.  Moreover, it functions within tiny tolerances just to foster life.  Unlike the other planets our planet, Gaea, is a self adjusting, self regulating incubator for life.  Life itself has terraformed this planet to have an atmosphere conducive to life, one which shield us from deadly cosmic rays, one which stays at an almost constant temperature and which possesses mechanisms to maintain this stasis.  No other planet we are aware of does this.  They all have extremes which would kill life.  The interesting thing is that this is only true because life itself makes these conditions possible.

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