Wacky New Age Ideas for which Science Provided Startling Evidence

Humans really do have auras (electromagnetic fields) source 

Humans have organs to sense energy source 

We inherit memories from our anscestors  source 

Meditation actually repairs telomeres in DNA thereby slowing aging source 

Meditation speeds healing source 

Compassion extends life source  

Love is more than just an emotion source  

Billions of other universes exist and each of us may inhabit our own unique universe source 

Anonymous asked:

Sam, I've heard a lot about a book A Hero's Journey by J. Campbell, that there is a lot of information about the way men all over the world used to grow up to fulfill their potential. Is there anything like that for gilrls? Can you recmmend any book or smth else? Or maybe A Hero's journey is applicable to girl's development too? There is so much controversial information right now. I don't know what to rely on

"The Hero’s Journey" and the messages it contains apply equally to men and women. It is a human story. The basic message is that all of us, each and every one of us, must go through a trial by fire. A challenge. A quest. We must do this before our eyes can be opened. We pass the test and then we will receive something new, something wonderful. We will receive understanding.

Anonymous asked:

How does one get over the feeling of being lost? How does one establish a connection to oneself?

You are not lost. You cannot BE lost. You are who you are and where you should be. Now, what is possible is for there to be a difference between who you are, who you think you are and who you think you SHOULD be. Most likely you are also feeling uncertain about your life and the path it will take. Maybe you feel that you have not yet found your purpose, mission or calling. That is okay. It will come when you are ready. In the meantime keep your eyes open lest it pass you in the night.

Anonymous asked:

Sam. To feel outside your body. Like an observer. Staring into nothing and not focusing on anything. Then sight fading out dimly. I have had this experience alot. It's so empty like I am no longer me. Feeling as though I am watching myself do nothing. A depressed feeling, lonely, weak, exhausted emotions, blank mind, no thoughts, feeling that nothing matters, and time seems to stand still. It's speeding by and I realize I am running late and/or lost a day. I sleep to escape4hours. Advice? Thanku

Hmm, dissociation seems to fit part of this description. Depression seems to fit others. I am not a doctor. It may be a good idea to describe these symptoms to a professional.

Did Humans Evolve in the Oceans?


Did we Live in the Oceans at Some Point?

We human beings have some strange characteristics which set us aside from the other primates:

  1. We no longer have fur although we still have as many hairs as a chimpanzee.
  2. Our hair is fine and lays in a streamlined pattern in the water.
  3. We have a layer of fat under our skin like a seal whereas no other primate has this adaptation.
  4. We have webbed feet and hands.
  5. Infant human beings will instinctively hold their breath under water.
  6. Human beings cry salt tears unlike any other primate. Salt is a rare and precious thing in the wild and salt tears would be wasteful.
  7. We sweat to cool our bodies. This uses a lot of water and salt.  If we evolved on the parched savannas of Africa why evolve such wasteful manner of cooling ourselves? Some say it is because we travel long distances. So do cheetahs, tigers and dogs but they do not sweat.
  8. The human larynx has descended into the throat like a sea lion and other aquatic mammals. This allows deep breaths and a longer period of breath holding.

The “aquatic ape” hypothesis is treated scornfully in mainstream science and I do not put it forward as truth but as a hypothesis. The simple fact is that none of the things outlined above can really be explained by current evolutionary theory. Many land creatures, such as the sea going Galapagos iguana have evolved quickly into aquatic forms. Have we been merpeople in the past? Perhaps so. 

๑ Samsaran ๑

People complain that all the dragons have been slain and that the world is too tame for heroes. Yet, just 200 meters off shore is a teeming forest. It is full of living beings and creatures as fearsome as any dragon. The kelp forest.